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Author Topic: Ruger hand spring plunger?  (Read 2044 times)

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Re: Ruger hand spring plunger?
« Reply #15 on: July 11, 2017, 05:56:23 AM »
Hey Richard,
  The Kirst Gated for the '60 is a peculiar animal (it's why I only have one!)! I relieved the backstrap/hammer area to allow for full "carry up" of the cylinder in the cycle. I built up the sear for longer length to match the "new " full cock position of the hammer. This way you recover some of the cycling action to allow the bolt to fully retract from the lock notch. It gives a "normal " action feel and restores correct timing for a 5 shot (albeit a long hammer draw). With a heavier spring in yours, it should minimize the throw-by. That's why  I opted for a larger (dia.)  and a spring with more tension.  The length of the pushrod is needed just to keep a "too long of a spring" from rubbing the sides of the passage. The biggest "secret" is the profiling of the backside of the hand for the tension needed to do the job.

Good luck and thanks for the recommendation !

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