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Author Topic: Percussion Revolver Master Gunsmiths  (Read 1106 times)

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Percussion Revolver Master Gunsmiths
« on: January 13, 2015, 11:39:28 AM »
Who are the go to master gunsmiths for percussion revolvers these days?  Before 2005 when he passed away, I had Frank Leeman (Texas Jack Ohmuhondro) of California install Manhattan conversions, tunings, better sights and some minor engraving on several pairs of CAS revolvers.  He was perfection incarnate.  The only two he did that I have left, my two match Uberti 1860s, never failed to fire once and I wouldn't part with them for all the money in the world.  After that, Lee's Gunsmithing did some nice work for me but Rowdy is not working as much now.

I can do a lot of the action tuning myself but there are times when these potentially fine guns need the attention of a master.  They come pretty rough from the manufacturers in Italy.  In fact, I think it's high time one of the better experts offered brand new but finely tuned Uberti and Pietta C&B revolvers for sale.  Some of the prominent CAS stars offer 1873 Colt SAA clones and Winchester lever-action rifles this way.

1/17/15 I just found the following on Long Hunter's website:  So someone does offer NIB percussion revolvers that are tuned, have Slix-Shot nipples but no cap guards. Apparently they feel that the better nipples make the guards unnecessary.
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