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Author Topic: How To Post Photos!  (Read 1763 times)

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How To Post Photos!
« on: March 21, 2012, 08:43:45 PM »
One of the first questions new members usually ask is "How do I post photos?"....usually after one of us has teased him about his "mythical" guns he claims to have, and asked him to prove it with a photo! (This is usually just a clever ploy to see more gun pictures). So this is how you do it.

First off, if you have a Photobucket account, use it. Skip to the part about "Posting Your Photo". If not, read on....

Registering for a Photobucket account

Ok, first off; don't freak. It's FREE. Simply go to:
and sign up for a FREE account. That's all there is to it. You will be asked for an email address and given a verification link; bang, you're in.
Now that you have a Photobucket account, follow the links to Create an Album. You can name it My Blackpowder Guns or something equally clever and witty. Now, time to put some photos in the album.
Go to Photobucket. At the top is a blue border with various tabs. To the right you will see a green oval with an arrow, "UPLOAD NOW" Click on this oval. You will pull up a page with two gray rectangles and a green rectangle below and centered. Dragging your cursor over the left gray rectangle will allow you to tab down to where your photos are stored:
My Computer
The Web
Mobile Phone
Bulk Uploader

Most of you will will have your photos stored on your computer hard drive, so we'll use that as our example
Select My Computer. Now click on the green rectangle: "SELECT PHOTOS AND VIDEOS"
In our case, it takes you to your computer. Select the drive or program where your photos are stored in the LOOK IN: box. Find the photo you want and left click on it. The photo name should now appear in the lower "FILE NAME" box. Click on "OPEN" and the photo should download to your Photobucket album. You will now be asked to "UPLOAD MORE PHOTOS" or "CONTINUE TO MY ALBUM" the desired box.

Once you've added the photos to your album, continue to the album to view selected photos. Find the photo you wish to post on the Colt Country forum and drag your cursor over it. A list of four items will appear, scroll down to the bottom, the image code (IMG Code). Left click and the word "copied " should appear.
Now open a second tab, go to Colt Country. Start a new post in the desired thread and type in your text. When you are ready to post your image, move the cursor where you want the image. Now Right click and select "PASTE" should see a long string of electronic mumbo jumbo which is your image code. Select POST as you normally do, and the text should post along with your photo. Close the thread, re-open and check to see if the image appears. There, that was easy, wasn't it?
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Re: How To Post Photos!
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2015, 06:34:25 AM »
Posting photos without photobucket or similar is about as easy as logging in is for me.

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