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Photo Gallery / Re: Spring has sprung
« Last post by sourdough on Today at 04:17:24 PM »
We are in SW WA State and it has been the coldest, wettest, snowiest winter we have experienced in our ten years here since retiring from Alaska, far from normal.

Our temps range (as of today) from below freezing at night to 50+ degrees for a high during the day, far below the norm.

The perennial bushes of all types are budding out very well, but no ground flowers as of yet, even daffodils. The hummingbirds showed up here on schedule on St. Patrick's Day and we have feeders out. That's good because no flowers are showing and the hummers feed on artificial nectar.

If it doesn't change soon, we are going to have to see a doctor for Seasonal Affection Disorder (SAD)  ;). The grass is growing profusely (especially on the septic leach field!)but there is so much ponding that I cannot mow it. It will be a challenge soon. We have 14 acres but 3 acres are in lawn grass, and the rest is in perennial grass hay, and oats (not planted yet), and those fields are swamped. It will be a while until we can get out there and do something productive. Just one of those unexpected years.

Sorry that this is off gun topic.
Correction. The  13 grains was GOI.  I think that was a later name for Gearhart -Owen powder. 

Captain, I have a copy of the 1975 edition lyman black powder handbook.  It has pressure and velocity data for various loads of curtis and harvey and ang gearhart owen 3f and 4f powders that i used as a guide.   I can find nothing about presure spikes in the 4f loads but they might have that in a later handbook and i will take your advice and not use 4f in the 44 or heavy 36 loads.  Their pressure measurements were made with revolvers with one chamber modified to use a lead crusher and pressure data was lup.  17 gr 4f has been my normal load with lee 130 gr conical for a long time with no problems.

Wish i had chronographed the hodgdon to compare with the c&h data but ive used it up.
I use it in my Uberti Wells Fargo.  9 grains Goex4F under a conical or RB cast from an EMF replica mold I got on ebay is the starting load because that is what the measure that came with the small flask I got for the revolver throws.  I tried one cylinder of 13 grains of the same powder under a RB. It was too hot a load.  Caused hammer blow back and the bolt unlocked according to my notes as did 10 grains.  9 grains new Goex 4F was fine but the pistol still sucks caps no matter what.   

The GOI was also from dad's hoard.   Still have a can of DuPont 2F.  Red and white metal can labelled DU PONT in an oval in red letters and "SUPERFINE BLACK RIFLE POWDER" in black letters on the front and FFG appears to be stamped in ink.  The lot number is next to the lid on top and is not completely legible but the second line looks like 02-67.   The powder he had from the 60s still shot just fine.

I was mistaken about the price in the Hodgdon can of 3F.  It is $3.50.  It does not say who made it but it does say made in scotland.  Its a red metal can with red/white paper labels pasted on.

Growing up with my dad I got to shoot and handle and learn about a number of percussion and early cartridge rifles and pistols he collected.  I took such thinks for granted then but I really appreciate it now.

Hi Gary, you can buy lubed wads here for a good price, see:

Captain, I was using 4F in a 36 caliber, not in the 44. 20 grains was about the max I can seat a conical of 4F.
If you stick under 20 you should probably be OK then. I have thought about using 4F in my Baby Dragoon...I might give it a try as it only holds about 10gr 3F
Captain, I was using 4F in a 36 caliber, not in the 44. 20 grains was about the max I can seat a conical of 4F.  I used 35 grain of 2F in the Dragoon but I have not chrono'ed it.  I have an old Lyman BPH that has pressure data for 4F in the 36 IIRC, which was safe.  It is so old it has data for DuPont and Curtis and Harvey (I think).  When dad passed away I got his BP gear, among which was a can of Hodgdon 3F which I believe was made by Curtis & Harvey.  It was about half full and I shot it off without chrono. It was in a red metal can, which I saved.  I'll post a picture of it when I have time.  Probably from the early 60's.  IIRC the price was under $2.
Patersons / Re: capping a Paterson
« Last post by ssb73q on Today at 06:58:12 AM »
Hi old, later Paterson's had the rear of the cylinder rounded so that capping the cylinder while on the gun could be easily done. When capping a nipple it is advisable after the cap is placed on the nipple, a small dowel is used to firmly seat the cap. It's near impossible to do that properly with a square rear Paterson cylinder on the revolver.

IMO seat the caps on a square back Paterson with the cylinder removed from the revolver.

General Discussion / Re: Cabelas
« Last post by oldfart on Today at 06:56:57 AM »
I was at my local cabalas this last monday, there BP pistol case?area is now full of used modern pistols, and one tiny shelf on the back wall had 2 58rems in it, and 1 walker
they USED to have a nice big selection of black powder pistols, I keep asking if there going to get a shipment, all i get it "IDUNNO"

I did find my Paterson in there Library  and snatched it up quick
Patersons / capping a Paterson
« Last post by oldfart on Today at 06:44:27 AM »
I don't like having to cap the paterson cylinder off the frame,

so sitting here this morning, i was looking at my snail caper and with the revolver empty of powder,
tried the capper with it ASSEMBLED
just pull the hammer to half cock and cap in the hammer groove--cap spin-cap spin cap spin cap spin--one empty
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