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Navy Models / Re: Let's talk Navy
« on: March 07, 2016, 05:36:38 PM »
Ooh, that's purty!  Price is nice as well.

Projectiles / Re: Getting Ready to Load Up My New Army Model
« on: March 07, 2016, 05:29:54 PM »
Hi Guys,

In the past I have gone full tilt with flat cookie baking sheets, filled up rows of bullets on them and then poured heated melted bullet lube over them up to the level of the top of the upper groove.  I used a section of hollow tube appropriate to the bullet diameter to cookie cutter them off the sheet and then individually load them up ahead of the powder.  This was without a lubed wad over the powder but still with a dose of Crisco over the  chambers.

After getting a half dozen bottles of Allox collected up over the years I decided to modify the procedure to use a wad filled with Wonder Lube 1000, Allox lubricated bullets, and Crisco on top of it all.  Accuracy was as good, bullet lubrication was easier and a soft section of old tee shirt dealt with the Crisco over abundance.  A tweak to the procedure was making up paper cartridges with powder, wad and bullet as I learned online and I do believe I have a happy medium. )l_

Navy Models / Re: Let's talk Navy
« on: March 07, 2016, 01:27:47 PM »
Hi Guys,

I got my original .36 Navy over 20 years ago from a shop here in Vegas.  It has proven to be an excellent shooter with both round ball and conical bullet.  I couldn't tell you who made it other than it says "Made in Italy".  I have always favored the grip that it has as being a natural pointer and quite comfortable.  Fast forward to a couple years ago when I picked up a basket case Navy model in .44 caliber.  All the parts were in the box in various states of finish from case hardened and new looking or blued and serviceable to sanded down and in need of a new finish. No brand name on it other than "Made in Italy".  I wound up polishing the stripped parts and doing a hot water blue job then put it back together with a little fitting and fiddling here and there to make it functional again.  The wooden grip got the same Truoil finish that I applied to my .36, but as you can see, the two grips similarity pretty much ends at that point.  The .36 is on top.

Projectiles / Re: Getting Ready to Load Up My New Army Model
« on: March 07, 2016, 12:33:05 PM »
Hi All,

Good to know Captain, I was hoping that was going to be the case.

Mazo, I pack a Wonder Wad with lube for Black Powder under the bullet as well as a generous helping of Crisco on top of the projectile at the time of loading.  That always seemed to work in my Navy and Remington Models.  It may be a little messy but the fouling stays soft enough to be manageable.

Projectiles / Getting Ready to Load Up My New Army Model
« on: March 06, 2016, 07:21:57 PM »
Hi All,

I got out the old Lee Lead Pot the other day and cast up a few Conical Bullets for my newly acquired Colt Army Model .44.   I used Lee's Aluminum Mold for the .450" Conical Bullet.  As usual I started casting once the Pot melted everything and left the mold on top with a corner in the lead.  The first few bullets were a bit wrinkled until the mold warmed up and then they started dropping nice and shiny.

I let them cool off before separating the good from the not so good, tossing those back in the lead pot for future casting.  After dropping the good ones in a large plastic mixing bowl I use just for lubricating bullets I got out one of the bottles of Allox and dug up my container of Mineral Spirits.  I don't care where you store that stuff no matter how air tight the container, by the time you get around to reopening the bottle Allox always seems to have the consistency of almost set concrete.  A little shot of Mineral Spirits and some serious bottle vibration soon has it back to a honey like mixture that you can drizzle over your freshly cast goodies.  Sloshing the bullets and Allox around soon has them coated over all.  I laid them out on a sheet of waxed paper so they can dry nice and hard.

While that is happening I broke out a pack of Bugler's Cigarette papers, my wooden dowel and a couple of 50 round loading blocks.  While I watch the boob tube or do other stuff I can be twisting up paper cones.  Once I got a hundred I can drop 30 grains of fffG Goex in each, add a .44 caliber Wonder Lubed Wad on top of that.  After my bullet lube hardens up I can Glue and shape the open end of my paper cartridges around the end of the bullets. 

I have to make up a similar number of .36 caliber cartridges for my Navy model after this done and I will be ready to go out and have some fun with my new to me Army Model as well as my 2 Navy Model Colts.

Welcome Wagon / Re: Hello from OZ
« on: March 05, 2016, 01:13:33 PM »
Welcome aboard.

I'd have to agree with the general consensus, time to procure a Colt type cap and ball revolver.  Remington's are nice but they don't feel the same in hand as a Colt.  Most of my experience is with the 1851 Navy but find something you like and go for it.

Army Models / Re: I Got One!
« on: March 05, 2016, 12:37:51 AM »
Thanks Guys,

Capt. Kirk, I'm glad to know who made it. 

Still, I believe all guns I own aren't safe queens, I just cast up a hundred or so .450" Conicals to start a steady diet for it.  I will be rolling them up into paper cartridges with 30 grains of fffG Goex.  I found an article from the North-South group on how to replace a too short front sight which it does suffer from.  The hammer emplaced rear sight is just barely there and is not very helpful as it is so that is going to be another modification.  But I first have to see what ball or bullet and powder combination it prefers group wise before I go to playing with the sights.

Up until I purchased my Remington 1858 Short barreled revolver and this one all I shot and really liked was the 1851 Colt Navy.  I have owned my .36 Caliber version for over 20 years and shot the blazes out of it with ball and conical bullets.  A couple years ago I dug up a basket case .44 caliber Navy that I had to refinish and reassemble.  Even in the larger caliber, it still handles like my .36, just a bit more powerful.  The Remington has proven to be a delight to shoot and handles quite a bit quicker with its' short 5 and 1/2 inch barrel.  I can hardly wait to see what it does with Conicals now that I have a mold for them.  And I want to get a full sized Remington version to pair up with my "Shortie".

Las Vegas, NV

General Discussion / Re: Which is your preferred vendor??
« on: March 02, 2016, 02:33:44 PM »
While it is nice being brand conscious concerning your revolvers, I'm a cheap ass.  Besides I would rather keep things in the "Family" as it were and purchase from the fellows on the forums.  My last two revolvers have come to me that way and I think I got a better deal.  All my C&B revolvers come from Italy but that is as far as I can pinpoint it.  As long as they put lead on target I don't care about much else.

Las Vegas, NV

Projectiles / Re: The Customer Is NOT Always Right !!!!!!!
« on: March 02, 2016, 02:15:37 PM »
Glad you still got all your digits and what nots!  Now that you know you can charge the "Customer" a nominal fee for your experience before shoving it up his bum.

Army Models / I Got One!
« on: March 02, 2016, 02:08:17 PM »
Hi All,

After shooting Navy Models for years and years I finally broke down and spent some of my income tax refund on a 1860 Army Model.  Wanting to keep the money in the "family" as it were I made a deal with washbuster for his cased set DDG, 1971 made 1860.  It came with a Powder Flask, Bullet/Ball Mold, a few cast round balls, an empty period marked cap tin and the key for the box.  The revolver itself looks unfired, the inside of the cylinder bores still show blue and aside from a barely there cylinder turn ring still looks new.  The nipples aren't flattened from being hammered without caps.

While I do have my old Lee single .454" round ball mold, I wanted to be able to run more than that so I ponied up for a new two hole .454" Ball mold and the two hole .450" Conical Bullet mold.  I don't know how well he Conical Bullet mold will work being that smaller diameter but until I run a few down range I can't tell.  I ordered these from Midway and as usual they fired them right back to me, ordered on Monday, got them that Friday.  I am in the process of making a full flap cross draw Army type holster for it as my first leather project related to this new to me purchase.

Las Vegas, NV

Navy Models / Re: Pietta Sheriff's model Navy
« on: December 29, 2015, 03:19:58 PM »
Time for another bump, this is just too purty to not be seen.  Never mind that I am just itchin' to get a short barreled Navy Model. ).L

Leather / Re: I am impressed!!
« on: March 12, 2014, 09:18:36 AM »
Mighty fine looking bit of holster making there Richard.  Mike did a fine job, hell, I have yet to see anything coming off his bench that didn't look great. ;)

Adding a lining to holsters is a great way to make them wear like iron.  It also helps to protect your firearm over the years better than unlined ones do.

Leather / Re: Not much going on here
« on: March 12, 2014, 09:11:21 AM »
I found a Galco design that uses a strip of leather the same thickness as the holster itself and stitched around the opening to do much the same thing.  I supposed the width of the strip as well as the stitching provide the required tension to hold the opening in it's preferred position.  I have been packing this holster around now for going on three years and it is holding up pretty well.  Every other week for daily wear with the holster and magazine pouch is pretty comfortable and wearing them on my also home made 1 and 3/4 inch wide western styled belt. 

You can see just how far around the strip of leather goes around the backside of the holster here.

On the off week that it resides in the gun safe my Ruger P-90, .45 ACP with a similar set up of twin magazine pouch and holster is what gets the nod.  I will also admit to packing some older iron in the form of either my Ruger Blackhawks or Uberti Hombre in more homebrew leather on my days off when I am going out and about to the desert to shoot or hunt yodel dogs or other fun and games.

With the single actions instead of magazine pouches I go with cartridge loops around the belt. ;)

Lead casting / Re: A Little Light Casting
« on: March 09, 2014, 09:15:40 PM »
Thanks Guys,

Whipping up a few bullets is always fun.  Living out here in the great South West means I can get away with stepping out on my side porch, plugging in a lead pot and going for the gusto.  I do try not to get involved in it when the outside temperature gets into triple digits though.  From about May until late September you can just about count on that sort of thing.  Making up all my bullets for the year before those months roll around is just down right prudent.

Mazo, I have a great big old 30 pound lead pot that was marketed by a fishing tackle company named Hilts when they were located here in Henderson, Nevada just outside of Las Vegas.  That is what I use to melt down all my scrap lead, wheel weights and what have you.  Once melted down pouring it up into ingots with my three ingot molds makes short work of getting together a decent sized selection of material from the three gas stations and one tire store that still saves weights for me.  I will also admit that it is fun to watch someone who is new to my shop come in and kick that wooden box by the door of the porch.  Filled up with lead ingots almost guarantees that it ain't gonna move no matter how big they are or what size their shoes are. ;) L@.

Colt Automatics / Re: Series 80
« on: March 08, 2014, 06:11:01 PM »
Hi All,

While I have owned and carried my fair share of 1911's over the years, once I got my Ruger P-90 DA/SA that was all it took for me.  I prefer to carry it with nine in, hammer down on a full chamber ready to rock and roll.  With two spare magazines on my belt I feel all warm and fuzzy when I go out and about.  I still like the Remington Golden Saber HP rounds in .45 ACP.

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