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Metallic Cartridge Reloading / Reloading Revisited
« on: March 09, 2017, 08:46:16 AM »
Well, since my son and his family finally moved into their own place and took their "stuff" with them, I finally have access to my reloading area once again after several years...
It's deplorable.
I spend several hours last night cleaning off the workbench top, thick layers of dust and even some light surface rust on my RCBS gear... :'(
I figure this would be a good time to change/rearrange/alter my set up, so...if any of you have recent photos of your reload area, new purchases, ideas etc, please throw them my way! I'm itching to get started on my reload revamp and a picture is worth a thousand words.
Years ago when I first got started I used to frequent a reloading forum (now defunct) where I borrowed a number of ideas and incorporated them into my layout. Since that resource is no longer available I am counting on you!

General Discussion / Uberti info?
« on: February 23, 2017, 10:42:35 AM »
Does anyone have a link to track down a particular Uberti serial number? Interested in an auction purchase, I have the S/N but can see no visible date code on the frame.

General Discussion / Huh???
« on: January 10, 2017, 11:08:31 AM »
Not only is this a complete fabrication (of both history, and Cabela's/Pietta's description of it..."own a piece of history?"...) but looks to be the culmination of 'chainfire-generator' technology!

I am convinced the same engineer who designed the oft-maligned "Pietta Tail" was hard at work on this one. (l"

I can't save the photo, but go the the black powder page at Cabelas and look at the bottom of the listing to see this monstrosity!

What an abortion! (??

General Discussion / So, I'm thinking...(Part 1)
« on: January 10, 2017, 07:55:27 AM »
So, I'm thinking...yeah, I know that's a stretch, but bear with me.
I'm think this is the year I should break into a cartridge conversion on one of my replicas. So, we'll do this one question at a time, if'n y'all don't mind...?
Let's start out with the basics. I have three basic revolver styles as listed in the poll...Remmy, R&S, and Colt. For ease of shooting and practicality, which would YOU choose, and (more importantly) why?
Common sense tells me Remmy simply due to speed of swapping and not having to pop a wedge, but I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Off-Topic Discussion / Hunting Hitler
« on: January 05, 2017, 09:28:01 AM »
Now, let me put this right up front. I only started watching this ridiculous series because it came on right after Oak Island. And despite a plethora of evidence suggesting "possibilities" that Hitler might have had an out from Berlin, do I think he really did escape?
In 1944, Hitler was in the final ravages of syphilis, if you believe history. If he had survived much after the war he would have been in really bad shape, and requiring constant medical attention. Certainly not in any shape to be crawling though tunnels and fleeing war tribunals and Nazi hunters well into the sixties as the show wants you to buy into.
But what IS important...far more! that they have discovered an extensive network by which other high ranking Nazi officials could have...and likely DID...escape both prosecution and retribution (Nuremburg) including war criminals such as Martin Bormann and Paul Schaffer. To me, this revelation is far more frightening than the original premise of the show...that Hitler somehow escaped the attack on Berlin. Also, that the Third Reich brain trust survived and began planning a Fourth Reich attack on the US and Allied countries. Hitler was only one man, after all.
Anyone else into this?

Off-Topic Discussion / The Curse of Oak Island?
« on: January 03, 2017, 08:46:45 PM »
OI it up!
Just finished the current episode where Gary Drayton found a button, various coins, and an engraved nameplate.
I have not missed an episode since the series started.
One thing that really bothers me is the fact that they haven't found anything of true historical significance yet, but keep dangling the carrot out there every week. It's getting frustrating. Now that they managed to drain the swamp I hope the heck they find more than a plank or a decking spike. That could have come from a fishing boat for all we know. A bazillion theories with everyone scurrying about their various projects likes ants, yet actual results? No more than a day metal detecting on the beach.
William Shakespeare's manuscripts? If they were there it would be nothing but paper mush by now.
Sometimes I think the real"curse" is that we have to keep tuning in every week to get disappointed! There have been better results on "Hunting Hitler!"

Photo Gallery / I'm Dreaming....
« on: December 26, 2016, 02:08:00 PM »
...of a Colt Christmas!

Seeing as how I had the day off (and to myself for the better part of the day) I decided it might be a good idea to see just how many Colts I really had. Took a while to round 'em all up, but 'got 'r dun.'
Nine. I have nine. Thought there might've been ten but I guess there's nine for the moment.

L-R: EXCAM 1851 Navy, ASP 1860 Army #1, ASP 1860 Army#2, ASM 2nd Dragoon, ASM 1st Dragoon, Uberti 2nd Dragoon, ASM "accidental" Schneider & Glassick, Pietta Reb Nord, Baby Dragoon (maker unknown)

A motley crew if I ever saw one...

Photo Gallery / FLAVOR OF THE MONTH!
« on: December 23, 2016, 06:21:23 PM »
JANUARY, 2017....the Colt Paterson revolver!

Photo Gallery / Furlough
« on: December 19, 2016, 03:01:02 PM »
Even prisoners get let out to the exercise yard now and again, so I thought I'd let a few of the boys out of the cage today.

Top to bottom: ASM First Dragoon, ASM Second Dragoon, ASP 1860 Army, EXCAM 1851 Navy, Pietta Sheriff shorty brasser

Walkers & Dragoons / Good article on the Colt's Dragoons
« on: December 15, 2016, 03:44:45 PM »
I found this good, informative reading for those of your who are fans of the "Horse Pistols"...

Colt Collecting / Example of 2nd gen script?
« on: December 15, 2016, 11:12:19 AM »
Does anyone have an photo example of the barrel markings ("Sam_L Colt New York") that was present on the ASM Second Gen Colts? I'm looking at one that I suspect is not authentic so detailed photos would be very helpful. Thanks!

Media Matters / It was cold....
« on: December 14, 2016, 08:21:04 PM »
It was cold tonight. Damn cold, as a matter of fact. Down to about 4 deg. F out there with winds howling.
What better way to spend a nasty winter evening than to watch John Wayne in "True Grit" with my new pal, "Joaquin Murietta"? We seem to have bonded, I'm afraid. I swear I heard him chuckle when The Duke says "Why, by God, girl, that's a Colt's Dragoon! You're no bigger than a corn nubbin, what're you doing with all this pistol? "'s a Walker in the movie, but technically a Walker is a "dragoon"...a Horse Pistol. So while technically he's wrong, technically he's right.
Anyway, this particular Dragoon seemed to enjoy the movie as much as I did. Maybe more. I like a pistol that will sit down and watch a whole movie without complaining. Now, if I can just teach him to drink whiskey...

General Discussion / I'm calling BS on Pietta/Cabela's...
« on: December 14, 2016, 03:51:09 PM »
This is the text accompanying the Pietta Remington Brasser for sale at Cabela's...

"Pietta Model 1858 New Army Brass Frame .44 Caliber Black Powder Revolver

Due to a lack of raw materials in the mid-1800s, the South was forced to reproduce the famous 1858 Remington® revolver out of brass. The Pietta Model 1858 New Army Brass Frame .44 Caliber single-action Black Powder Revolver celebrates the classic look and handling. Features include a brass frame and finger guard, blued cylinder, octagonal barrel and walnut grips. Easily removable, replaceable cylinders make reloading extremely fast.
Barrel length: 8”.
OAL: 14-1/2”.
Wt: 2 lbs., 12 oz."

Nowhere have I ever seen in either pictorial reference, text, or seen in any collection or museum, an "original" Confederate brass Remington. Colt-style revolvers; yes. (G&G, S&G, S&B, etc) It's always been one of the famous Pietta 'Fantasy Guns', we all know that. But to actually represent it as historically correct? Bad form, Peter.
Does anyone have any sort of reference to show this is correct, or is this just another case of Pietta/Cabela's changing history to up their sales to unsuspecting newbies on the scene?

Walkers & Dragoons / I'm in shock...
« on: December 08, 2016, 08:22:52 PM »
Just drove out to meet a guy from a local Armslist ad; we exchanged greenbacks (won't say how much) for what turns out to be a ASM (Armi San Marco) First Model Dragoon from Dixie Gun Works, 1981 (AH) model. It looked nice in the pictures, but...
Except for a few tiny scratches here and there, this thing looks like it left the factory last WEEK, not thirty years ago! It almost appears (dare I say it?) UNFIRED!!! The wood is the nicest I've seen and wood-to-metal fit is impeccable! No turn ring. Absolutely gorgeous CCH colors, pristine bore, all screws appear un-turned. Too late for photos tonight but will get them up over the weekend. This thing is an eye-popper. All writing on the bottom of the barrel except "Dixie Gun Works" (left side, very unobtrusive), nice brass, this thing is the cat's pajamas!
Now for the bad news...I bought it to flip. But I don't know if I can. It's THAT nice. Like going back in a time warp to Big Hair days!!!!! I love Dragoons, and this one is knocking my socks off.... &\?

Photo Gallery / On the Woodpile
« on: November 28, 2016, 07:45:00 PM »
I've decided to allow one of my revolvers to pose on the woodpile each week...whichever one is being nice and well-behaved.
Tonight it happened to be the Navy. L@J

Which version do you fellers like better?



One of the neat features of Flickr....

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