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Media Matters / Re: New series
« Last post by 45 Dragoon on Today at 03:31:23 PM »
Looks like it's worth watching!!

Media Matters / New series
« Last post by Hawg on Today at 03:26:39 PM »
Coming to AMC. The Son with Pierce Brosnan.
General Discussion / Re: Which would you choose?
« Last post by LonesomePigeon on Today at 02:42:17 PM »
Hard choice. Today, stock, out of the box I'd choose an 1858 Remington in .44 caliber but an 1860 Army .44 caliber would be a very close second. The main issues are Colt's get cap jams from caps sliding down the hammer channel into the action vs. Remington's cylinder pins gunk up with fouling causing the cylinder to rotate slowly or not at all. All things considered I think I'd rather deal with a gunked up cylinder pin than risk having a cap jam.
This what I'll be doing.
 1. Lightly Sand the grips after stripping coating off.
 2. Use Tru-Oil per Birtchwood Casey's specs
     No stain just  let the natural Walnut do it's thing.
 3. Take some picture of before and after.
     Have I missed anything ?
General Discussion / Re: Which would you choose?
« Last post by G Dog on Today at 01:30:32 PM »
An M1860 would be my choice for a nice blend of power and point ability in an off-hand shooting sort of dust-up.  My mitts and the somewhat extended grip of the 1860 go together like peas and carrots and so in my case they point most naturally, right where I want them to go. 

Id feel confident using a Rem or a 51 too, but those darn 60s would be my first choice.  I prefer .44 cause if a man or beast were trying to do harm Id like to put em down hard and fast.  If that rabid coyote had been smoking PCP he might not feel a .36 until just after his first bight bite.

And puma too, boys, don't forget those.  Some of those SOB's get big and use the same trails as me.
General Discussion / Re: Which would you choose?
« Last post by jaxenro on Today at 01:17:11 PM »
Probably one of my 1862's short and handy and pack a punch

Although when I get my 1851's back from Mike it might be them
General Discussion / Re: Which would you choose?
« Last post by Hawg on Today at 12:10:32 PM »
Out of the ones I have it would be my Colt navy. It shoots close to POA and doesn't suck caps and if I'm in a hurry to shoot it point shoots better than anything else.
He claims aids in installing rubber seal around glass edge.
Then dries to very good weather seal.

We always used Joy dishwashing liquid right out of the bottle for installing windshields. It makes a windshield easy to install and the excess washes right off. It doesn't improve the seal but nobody ever complained about one we installed leaking.
General Discussion / Re: Which would you choose?
« Last post by suzukibruce on Today at 11:42:50 AM »
my walker... 60 grns of trip7 and a .457 RB has impressive disturbing penetration and wound track... even out of the 2.5" barrel i have for it

now is that out of guns i own or out of what c&b revolvers exist???

if i can have any c&b revolver i would choose a lemat.. 9 rounds of .454rb @ 850+ FPS followed by a 20ga 00buck shotgun blast should solve most problems pretty effectively...
General Discussion / Which would you choose?
« Last post by ssb73q on Today at 09:52:48 AM »
Hi, with the assumption that your life was in danger and you could only choose one C&B BP revolver, which would you choose?

I would choose a .44 Remington 1858 because it has the power to do the job and never cap sucks.

Which BP revolver would you choose, and why?

No modern handguns please.

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