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Author Topic: Met Mr. Griswold about 5 years ago!!!  (Read 1428 times)

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Met Mr. Griswold about 5 years ago!!!
« on: October 01, 2013, 03:46:39 PM »
My daughter married the only son of the (then) Dean of Students at Mercer University over in Macon, GA. My wife and I were invited of a Christmas Party at her father's home about 5 years ago. Most of the people attending the party worked for the university in one capacity or another.

One wealthy retired businessman I met was a Mr. Griswold. When I inquired IF he was related to the "Griswold" in the revolver business he laughed and said: "Oh yes, that was my Great-Great Grandfather."

My next question was: "Do you have any of Grandpa's old pistols lying around your house?" He said: "No, but how do you know so much about my ancestor's revolver company?" I explained and also told him that many replicas of his ancestors pistol were being made in Italy and sold in the United States.

He is not a "gun person" and astounded by that information.

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Re: Met Mr. Griswold about 5 years ago!!!
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2014, 12:41:14 AM »
How could he not be a gun person? ???
"You gonna pull those pistols, or whistle Dixie?"