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Fingers McGee: WTB - Various C&Bs and stuff
« on: July 09, 2010, 08:38:47 PM »
Howdy all. I have a laundry list of Cap and Ball pistols and accessories that I'm looking for.

1. Uberti. Stainless Steel Colts importd by Allen firearms, Santa Fe NM between 1983 and 1985:
(1) .44 cal 1860 Army,
(2) .36 cal 1851 Navy,
(3) .36 cal 1861 Navy,
(4) .36 cal 1862 Pocket Navy and
(5) .36 cal 1862 Pocket Police.

2. Pietta:
a. .36 cal US Marshal model 1851 Navy. That is the photo engraved, polished in the white, 5 inch barreled one with the half fluted cylinder.
b. .44 cal Schneider and Glassick Carbine made back in the 1990s. Brass framed, 12 inch octagonal barrel with adjustable rear sight and non-removable stock.

3. 2nd Generation Colt
a. Model C9003 1851 Navy Lee/Grant Commemorative double cased set
b. Model F1101 Blank cylinder 1851 Navy
c. Model F1200MN Electroless Nickel 1860 Army
d. Black & gold box with foam rubber inserts & paper work for F1100 or F1110 1851 Navy
e. Accessory sets and items for .36 cal 1862 Pocket models, .44 Cal Walker and Dragoon models
f. Presentation cases, primarily a partitioned case for the 3rd Model Dragoon with Tyrol Red velvet lining.

PM or email if you have any of these or have leads to where I can find them.
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