Author Topic: Experts weigh in?  (Read 242 times)

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Experts weigh in?
« on: March 08, 2019, 12:54:39 PM »
My buddy called last night. He just won an auction on two ASP 1860 Army and Navy Arms 1851 Navy. The Army is just what you would expect it to be for a San Paolo; DGG barrel marking, etc. The Navy, however...different story.
It's Uberti, yes. It's also stamped "NAVY ARMS CO" in big block letters both on the left side of the frame (where you would normally see "Colt's Patent") and also on the top barrel flat. OK; not so unusual. But what REALLY stands out is:

1) the cylinder is smooth, non-roll engraved

2) On the bottom barrel flat, under the loading lever, it is stamped "Made In Italy" with the preceding engraved "G.U." indicating this is clearly a Gregorelli & Uberti gun. Date code is XVII (1961).

3) This gun came in a cased set lined in red velvet with a powder flask and bullet mould. He did not provide me with a serial number, but I'm thinking he scored BIG TIME on this one, paying no more than some are asking for used brassers. What do you experts think?
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