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Miscellaneous Lever Action Rifle Sites
« on: November 26, 2016, 05:59:15 AM »
Tuning Marlin Lever Actions
Accurizing the Lever Action Rifle (Forum Discussion thread- excellant reading)!

Rossi Rio Grande Upgrades and Issues (YouTube)

How to Break Down and Clean Rossi Rio Grande (YouTube)

Loading and Shooting Lever Actions - What Makes Them Tick?

Rossi R92 50 Cent Action Job (YouTube)

Rossi R92 What to Smooth (YouTube)

Steve Gunz (website)   Gent offers DIY dvd on slicking your own Rossi lever gun action as well as 'modified' (slicked -) replacement parts!

Paul Mulcahy's Pages
Odd little collection of web-pages which appear to be dedicated to some online game (hey, to each their own -), but then there's this page which has almost encyclopaedic details of certain lever guns!

Rossi Manual Downloads Official Rossi download site! Has pdf manuals for single barrel shotguns, rifles, 'Circuit Judge" rifles and shotguns, Model 92 rifles, 'Rio Grande' lever actions, and revolvers!

The Smith Shop Inner Magazine Tube The Smith Shop offers a inner magazine tube liner to improve the cycling and smoothness of your .38 - .357 mag actions due to Rossi's using same mag tube for .38 and .45! Comes with improved magazine tube, stainless spring and mag follower! Also offers Model 92 spring kits.

Skinner Sights Offers "Peep"-style sights designed to fit any Rossi rifle made, as well as several other makes!
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