Author Topic: 1860 Pietta 44 Navy to 45lc with Kirst  (Read 2523 times)

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Re: 1860 Pietta 44 Navy to 45lc with Kirst
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Wonder how many dovetails a feller can make before it wears out. Might otta order a couple

Hi Ted, that one dovetail jig has already produced 25 dovetails and shows no wear. What does wear are the files used to do the dovetail. I use up one square and one triangle file per dovetail, buy them by the dozen:

The jig is much harder than the file steel. The outfit I purchased the dovetail jig used to sell a safe file, but they no longer offer one. Make a safe file to finish the dovetail by sanding the teeth off one side of one triangle file. That file will last forever since it never is used with the jig, just used to finalize the dovetail after the jig is removed.

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