Author Topic: ***Official Colt Country Benefit Raffle!!!***WINNER DRAWN TONIGHT***  (Read 3202 times)

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Re: ***Official Colt Country Benefit Raffle!!!***2nd Prize added!!***
« Reply #30 on: July 22, 2019, 01:06:37 PM »
Count me in for 4 tickets.

Thank you Scooby!!!

Put in for 4 or the 1 that's left in my math serves me right. Either way happy to help out, consider any overage a tip to the house as it were.

You're in Val!! Thank you Sir!!!!!!

I believe that's it Gentlemen!! My daughter will be home tonight, and I'll get the drawing done! I'll post of video of it here later this evening, so you can all see the winner's names drawn.

Thank you all again for digging in and helping. We will all benefit from your kindness.

Again, I'm proud to call you all my friends.
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