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Author Topic: Welcome, all ye Colt Lovers!  (Read 1903 times)

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Welcome, all ye Colt Lovers!
« on: August 05, 2013, 07:45:55 PM »
What's this, you say? Isn't this that Captainkirk guy of Remington fame, the guy who wrote the "Remington Superiority" article posted on and all that? Yep. Same guy.
And I don't take any of it back.
But, there are a couple little-known facts about the Ol' Cap'n. Such as;
*A Remmy might have been my first black powder gun, this much is true. But did you know my second BP revolver was an 1860 Army kit, and my third an 1851 Navy repro?
*Oh yes...and my fourth was a Uberti Second Dragoon....
And while I believe the Remington was a design improvement over the open-top Colts, there are several facts one cannot ignore. Such as:
*One cannot argue over the superior 'pointability' properties of many of the Colt models, the 1851 Navy in particular!
*The arbor (cylinder axle) on the Colts is massive compared to the Remington or Rogers & Spencer, and has grease grooves to assist in lubrication and preventing fouling.
*The mainspring is considerably easier to remove by simply unscrewing the screw.
*The creeping loading lever on the Army and '61 models is a wonder to behold!
*With a properly fitted wedge, one can pop the barrel and cylinder off with no tools other than a pair of functional opposable thumbs in a matter of seconds!
*The rear sight notch in the hammer is clever, you have to admit. Cunning, even.
*And last, but not least: nothing, NOTHING looks like a Colt!
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