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Belgian made Revs from the 19th Century thru to the 20th Century ...

Admin: Long Johns Wolf

It's a great Site on Revs and here in the US across the Pond with alot of info and Revolver History, Stories and Pictures... %!-

Long Johns Wolf:
Thanks Smokin' Gun for the kind introduction. I am running this research into the Belgian cousin of the Hartford 1860 Army since mid 2007 and could collect the data of > 500 specimens from many countries...thanks to supportive pards from all around the globe.
These Centaures as we call them in Europe were made between 1959 and 1973 by Fabriques d'Armes Unies de Li├Ęge in Belgium, probably not more than slightly over 16,000 pistols in 5 major models. The making war originally initiated by famous gun historian, collector, consultant to the industry and writer William B. Edwards who passed away too early to learn of the revival of his Belgian baby.
If you have a Centaure please, download a data sheet from the Centaure & FROCS website and mail it to me after t completion. I will come back to you quickly and provide you with background information on you Centennial Army as many of my American friends call them. You can reach me at Some pards tell me the website is pretty informative...
Thanks & regards from Hofheim/Germany
Long Johns Wolf


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