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This is updte to fix the pictutures of 2nd Gen Colt Grant/Lee matched pair set.

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Fingers McGee:
Just took posession of the latest addition to my 2nd Generation Colt Blackpowder collection.  One of 250 Grant/Lee matched pair cased sets of 2nd Generation 1851 Navies.  Had a gentleman email me offering the set for sale cause he knew I was a collector.  He was the original owner and had never put the set together.  Everything was still in it's original wrapping and boxes.  He only took the pistols out from time to time to oil them up.  They've never been cocked, and the flask had never been unwrapped.  The pistols and accessories had never been put in the case (till yesterday).  I unwrapped everything, placed the items in the case, photographed the case, then rewrapped and boxed everything back up.  This set will stay as NIB as possible.

Here are a few pictures:

Fingers McGee:
And a few more:


Hoof Hearted:
I hate you.................. *)-

Rock Island:
Wow, that's one hell of a nice find  %!-

Fingers McGee:
 :o  Hoofy.....  :'(


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