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What to do? CVA ASM Brass New Army Kit



When I was 11, 1980 or so, my dad bought me a CVA Remmie kit.  I still have it.  Still have dad too, thankfully.

This thing never looked much better than 'dog eared' as assembled when I was a teenager.  Thing is, in my mid life here I've mastered all sorts of finishing skills.  I'd like to finish it out proper.  I don't have the practical BP collectors insight, but I do understand the technical stuff if any of you care to give me some suggestions.

Post some photos if you can.
Also, head on over here for a more detailed look into the Remmy. (another of Smokey's forums and my "pet")

Will do as time allows.

I spun the cylinder in a drill press chuck last night and took the grime off with 400 grit. Also started working the barrel flats with a 600 grit jewelers file.

It's not too far gone, it will be a credible looking Remmie.

Love to see the pictures! (Hope you're taking some!)

Sack, did you ever finish restoring this revolver?


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