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Had a few people tell it weren't fair to have a forum exclusively on Remmies. "What About the Colts?" I have been asked, so I gave in...

Smokey glad to have you show that Remmie guys can love Colts too ... I'm one had more Colts than Remmies ... Hell I love them all  ^") {;(

G Dog:
Hey Gun, what's up?

I have never known whether I was a Colt guy that loved Remingtons or a Remington guy that loved Colts.  I am no closer to figuring this out than ever.  Could not get by without both types to have, hold and shoot. 

Yeah, had the same problem until I bought the R&S. Now I'm REALLY confused!

I guess, as usual I don't seem to mainstream. I do not see why there is a forum for either.  ;D
Personally I love all black powder revolvers and as I am sure you know there were a lot of different manufactures.

Terry Jack
Springfield OR


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