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I have been asked to make an offer on a Remington 1858 Army. It was purchased by the current owner over 20 years ago. It is in excellent condition with the exception of the current owners initials stamped in the bottom of the backstrap. The gun appears to be laser engraved and is well done.  The bore appears to be very bright.

It says FN Santa Barbara on eht barrel. It also says Spain.  I can not make out the apparent proof marks on the gun.

Can anyone give me a realistic suggestion of what to offer for it.

Long Johns Wolf:
Thanks to our good friend Jim Davis from RPRCA we now know that the Spanish EN Santa Barbara Remington NMAs were made between 1971 and 1977. Probably less than a total of 10,000 units made. Their steel is said to be harder steel than the alloy used in the making of Italian replicas.
Quality can be above to on par with highend Italian Remmies.
Their grips are fatter than the Italian Remmies. Hence shooters with larger hands can grip them more comfortably.
The specimens I looked over recently had 3 features interesting for shooters:
# The relation of chamber mouth diameters to the rifling groove diameter is not historically correct because the Spaniards developed the Santa Barbaras as sport revolvers and adjusted them for maximum accuracy. This is in contrast to the Italian C&B revolver replicas.
# They have shallow rifling which in combination to their proper sized chamber dias means less gas leakage for maximum energy transfer.
# The front sights are dovetailed on the barrel
So, if you are considering your purchase to be a shooter it would be worth paying a premium for it.
Long Johns Wolf

Thank you for the information. I have been looking through Blue Book of Black Powder Arms and others and can not find it listed. Do you have any idea of a value. As I mentioned, other than the 2 initials in the gun it is easily 95%. The engraving no doubt cost more originally even though it is likely done by laser.


Long Johns Wolf:
Terry, I have no idea about the market prices of these Spaniards in the US. In top condition a plane Jane version of the Santa Barbara without carton and papers would can be had between € 150,00 and 200,00 which is $ 195,00 to 260,00.
These guns are sought after in these parts as shooting irons, not as collector pieces.
Long Johns Wolf

That is a big help. Thank you



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