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Thought I would share with you what showed up in the mail today. I bought this cased set of a Colt Paterson 5 with accessories on Gun Broker. It is a Replica Arms Inc. The year of manufacture was 1966. The man I bought it from told me it was his dad's who was a C & B revolver collector. He said his dad bought it new and as far as he knows never fired it. I have taken it apart and do not see any sign of being fired. Additionally there is no turn ring on the cylinder.

I am going to have to go back and re read fingers explaination how to post pictures. Obviously I do not know what I am doing still.

Fingers McGee:
I forgot to tell you Jack.  Ya gotta hold your mouth right or it won't work

Not only do you have to hold your mouth right, you can't blink until it posts ;)

I know this is a REALLY old topic. But I wanted to fix the pictures, so if someone came here looking, they'd see your gorgeous Paterson.


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