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1849 shorty


Picked this up at one of the auction sites last month. 1849 pocket .31 cal 5 shot with 4" dragoon style barrel. Rangers chasing Indians cylinder scene, date code AD (1978), large ASM logo stamped on left side of the frame. I have never seen one before with the 4" barrel.

Here's another pic with another ASM 1849 pocket 31 ca. with 5 1/2" dragoon style barrel, stagecoach cylinder scene, XXV date code (1969).

And finally a "family" pic of my ASM "dragoon" mini-collection. Note the 3rd model.44 cal with long range folding rear sight with no cutout in the recoil shield for shoulder stock.

Nice collection!

Sackettboy, that 1851 3rd Model Dragoon is a somewhat rare variation.  It has the flip up rear sight but not cut for shoulder stock.  I have so far identified seventeen variations of the replica 1851 3rd Model Dragoon.


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