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"Witloe" Remington New Model Army


Wanted, any information concerning "Witloe Precision, Inc.". They made a replica Remington 1858 New Model Army revolver.  Two models were made, the “Grant” and the “Lee”.  The “Grant” had a steel frame and the “Lee” had a bronze frame.  Also, revolvers marked just "Witloe".  I wish to purchase any of these as well.

Will keep an eye out for um Doc ... {;(

You might get more information on the Witloe Precision Remmies by going over to the N-SSA website and then going to the BB and "Civil War Arms" page.

Apparently, Witloe was either purchased by or put out of business by Navy Arms.I remember hearing some of the "Old Time" Skirmishers talking about Witloe revolvers. By "Old Time" I mean those that joined the N-SSA in the 1950's.


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