Author Topic: THUER conversion.......Pre-Production eye candy!  (Read 2530 times)

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THUER conversion.......Pre-Production eye candy!
« on: May 01, 2013, 07:01:31 AM »
For your perusal.............

Showing the FIRE position above.......

The eject position is now a  fool proof SAFETY position!

This drop in conversion does not require you to port your pistol (perfect for those 2nd and 3rd Generation Colts).
The "ring" pivots from fire position to SAFE allowing for a safety that places solid steel between the hammer and cartridge, easily turns back to fire position after cocking. Chambered for readily available cartridges.

The first 50 will be numbered as a special run and fitted at no charge to the customer. (.^

This one is Nitre Blued so that it will STAND OUT  )%,

Army and Navy models available for all makes of the Colts type repros.
Keep in mind the production pieces will be hot blued to match the Italian pistols with an emphasis on high polish for the 2nd generation (3rd's also) Colts revolvers. Nitre blue and high polish silver (for nickle pistols) also available.
The new screws will be flush in the sides of the rings (they are still being machined) and the screws and firing pins will be Nitre blued.
Also the thumb piece will be checkered as the originals were.........

Fire away with the questions, please! *>} *>} *>} *>}
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