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Manufacturers of the .31cal. Revolvers

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At this time it is difficult to put a definite value on any replica revolver because the collecting market is still in its infancy.  I do not consider Blue Book as a legitimate guide for replica percussion revolvers because they also have no basis for their pricing.  I do consider the Blue Book as a starting point for the special commemorative issues because they list the original list price and the number that were to be produced.  I am working on a way of establishing a collector value for the replica revolvers that is based on the number made(if available), what the revolvers seem to sell for on various auctions and classified ads, and the number of revolvers that have appeared on the market (this is based on the number that I have actually seen or informed about over the past 20yrs.).  I will put a "rarity" value based on these three categories of say 1-5 or 1-10.  It is very speculative just as all the other price guides.  I will seek input on some system from current and interested collectors.

If I had this revolver I would not consider selling it for less than $300+ at this time realizing that it will appreciate as the number of collectors increases.  I have noticed and received email from collectors who are specifically interested in the .31cal. replica revolvers which seems to be a definite category of its own.  I would not bother replacing any parts.

WOW! That's great news! So, since you say revolver collecting is in it's infancy, what (in your opinion) would you consider the most highly collectible revolvers an average Joe like myself should look at purchasing? In addition to the Dragoon, I have:
ASP 1858 Remington, cal .44, Stainless
ASP 1860 Army, cal .44, blue steel (from kit) I had this professionally hot blued by a gunsmith
EXCAM (maker unknown, possibly Pietta) 1851 Navy, cal .36 blue steel
Uberti 2nd Dragoon, cal .44, blue steel
I was considering a Rogers & Spencer or Pocket Remmy as my next choice. Your opinion?

It looks like an abbreviated version of the Commanche fight scene on the Walker and Dragoon.

IMHO if it has no markings it was a kit gun.

I have an EIG baby Dragoon just like Captaqin Kirk's.  It's marked EIG Italy on the butt. no proof marks, same cylinder scene. It is marked S. Marco under the loading lever, which I take to mean Armi San Marco.


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