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Unusual 1849 Colt Pocket 31 caliber revolver


I bought a cased 1849 Colt Pocket pistol at an estate sale. The old gentleman that owned it died and no one knew anything about any of the guns that were sold. The auction house had it marked as a 1851 Colt Navy replica but I have found out it actually is a Colt 1849 Pocket Pistol, cal 31 with a five inch barrel.

Here is the puzzle. The only markings on the gun line up with what I have seen on original Colt Pocket pistols except the caliber is not stamped on the brass trigger guard (under the hammer hinge pin). Instead there is a capital M. (I saw an original 1851 Navy with this same marking on this website click on this link to see the actual photo which they say "Below is an image of a genuine 1851 Colt Navy"

There is NOTHING on the gun except expected Colt markings (and the mentioned "M" above). The serial number is 150XXX There are no proof marks of any kind that I can see but I have not disassembled the gun. I do not see any case hardening colors on the frame/loading lever. The finish appears to be normal I believe if the serial numbers are for a first generation 1849 Pocket Pistol it would have been manufactured in 1859. Colt told me that none of these were made in the 2nd generation production. I tried to find 3rd generation Colts with this serial number range but nothing close was found.

The gun is in excellent fired condition, in its case with bullet mold only marked with "Colt's Patent" it has the correct flask, a partial tin of what appears to be the correct caps, a few fairly recent cast balls/conicals. There is a small triangular compartment with a few patches. The other 3 compartments are empty. The box is well made, has the correct loading/cleaning instructions still on the lid but these have yellowed and the glue seems to have come loose in areas. The outside of the closed lid at one time appears to have had an oval emblem or something similar. The box appears to be solid mahogany wood.

I just don't believe this is an original 1849 Pocket Pistol made circa 1858, yet I believe it to have been made by Colt. None of the serial numbers appear to be altered or suspect but are to nice and crisp to be from 1858!

Is there a possibility that any of you can reveal any information on this pistol? Or direct me to a proper place to find more information?


Fingers McGee:
Need Pictures to be able to give an opinion

I hope he posts pictures. I would love to see it and learn more about it.


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