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Exchange of Parts Between Italian Manufacturers

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Manufacturing of Replica Revolvers

It is coming to light that there was a great deal more sharing of parts among the Italian manufacturers than was ever suspected.  During the 1960’s, 1970’s, and into the 1980’s there was a bonanza market for the replica revolvers.  The major manufacturers could not meet the demand.  American distributors wanted more of and different models of what were being produced. 

There were a good many very small “family shops” in the Gardone, Brescia area of Italy.  It is becoming apparent that the major manufacturers used these shops as sub-contractors as a source of parts as well as complete revolvers for those distributors seeking cheaper and cheaper guns.  The well known manufacturers did not want their name and reputation on a cheaper firearm, so these were subbed out.  These small manufacturers started with supplying only parts and then evolved into completed guns.  It is possible that these shops did not have an Italian firearms manufacturer’s license so could not sale their products direct, so they were sold through other manufacturers who had a license.  So we have a group of markings appearing on replica revolvers that will never be identified because of the special conditions in the market at that time.  There is a complete lack of any records. 

Are these in themselves collectable?  You bet they are!  They represent an historic connection of the time and thus become a very important collectable firearm.  They may not be pretty or of good quality, but, just as one of the most valuable postage stamp in the world is also the ugliest and of the worst quality possible.  Yet this stamp is worth over one million dollars.  These cheaper, unknown manufacturers are a valuable part of the history of the Replica Revolver Industry. 

It is a known fact that the Italian arms industry was on the verge of collapse during the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Italy had been through World War II with the destruction of their factories and the loss of many fine Gunsmiths, and the Korean War was winding down.  The demand, world wide, for arms was shrinking.  This was made worse with Russia and China becoming the cheapest and most prolific supplier of military arms in the world.  The Replica Firearms Industry literally saved a large portion of the Italian arms industry until they could get back on their feet.

Some of these markings are:

Double Diamond Logo 
Unknown -   - GB?

Now I got to worry about ruining a valuable collector's item if I continue to tinker with The Clunker!

If it rains today I had planned to sand down the left side of that troublesome bolt  to see if that would get her all in time for shooting. Just typeing and reading over lunch at the moment. Can't find the digital camera for that COM mark but will keep lookig between chores.


I have a question for yall.  I have a CSA Brass Frame, well at least that is what it was sopose to be.  It is marked on the right side of the barrel (CAL.44 NAVY MODEL- MADE IN ITALY).  And on the bottom of the barrel ( COM – Gardone – VT or should it be OOM – Gardone – VT ?  I bought it back in late 60’s

B. Miller:
Thankyou, I have a Whitney Navy revolver with the double diamond on it.  I now know that the manufacturer using that mark is unknown and I guess probably not Palmetto as has been sugested on the N-SSA site.


Hello, According to the director of the Palmetto ,  double diamond logo  is the hallmark of the old company EUROMANUFACTURE .
MOFRA = MOFRA di Mainardi, Italian manufacturer which later became Euromanufacture later to become Palmetto .

C.O.M gardone Vt = OOM gardone = DOM gardone VT  . bad typing !!  combination of several Italian manufacturers

PR  unknow , PR, not formally identified, potential PRoduction association .

GB  possibility of  Bad typing GLB   ,  B inside L inside G    so GLB = Giacosa Luciano  Brescia    manufacturer Euromanuarms .  please use googles tools for translate .



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