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Long Johns Wolf:
After a few years of collecting newly made percussion revolvers in general and the Belgian Centaures in particular for 2 years now I enjoy tracking down modern made but PC cartridge conversions of these repro C&B pistols. Mentioned that elsewhere under "Links".
I like to see a "Conversion" sub-forum to discuss the work of the various conversion artists around but also the comparative PCness of industry made conversions, etc. Then there are the many prop guns. Some of them made in Long Cylinder Conversion style seem to be very PC. It appears this is a huge but underestimated field of collecting.
I wonder what the campfire thinks about this suggestion?
Long Johns Wolf

Welcome to the forum and thank you for the suggestion. It seems reasonable and has been added. Hopefully there are no objections.

Rock Island:
No objections here, I don't run into them much, but I have always liked the look of them.

Hoof Hearted:
I'll post a few over in the correct forum.
I have many ASM's some AFF, some Uberti, a few of Rob Millington's and a Kenny Howell or two.
Then, of course, my own work :P


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