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It has been a couple of years since I last posted about the Witloe 'Grant" and "Lee" Models of the Remington New Model Army produced by Witloe Precision Inc. of Collingdale, PA. I am still interested in finding any of these either 1st or 2nd Generation. From these postings over the years I have found over thirty five of these and RPRCA has been able to add twelve to its collection.

The "Grant" has a steel frame and the"Lee" is bronze. These are almost exact copies of the original Remington New Model Army except the the frame screws go in from the right side instead of the left. This was done deliberately to discourage counterfeiting an original.

Over the last twenty years I seem to be the only person collecting these and the only person who is buying them. People contact me wanting me to buy one or evaluate it. Since I am the only person I know who has actually bought a few of these I have pretty much set the price.

There is a misconception that because something is rare that it is valuable. The value of a collectable firearm is determined by Supply and Demand. The Supply of the Witloe revolvers is pretty much set as to number produced. I had one person contact me about a Lee Model that the owner wanted to auction. I knew of this revolver and had told the owner that I would Insure it for around $1500 but that I did not think that he could sell it at that time for more than $500-$700 if that much. The person who contacted me was merely trying to position himself between me and the owner before he acquired the gun himself. Long story short he bought the gun for $1300. Needless to say he still has it and cannot sell it for anywhere near that price.

I mention this because even though I am interested in finding out where these revolvers are and how many still exist I am also interested in purchasing them if they are unusual. I have paid all the way from $395 to $750. The higher pice ones were cased and 2nd Generation. There were only around thirty five of these produced. I am particularly interested in purchasing the "Grant" Models at this time but want to get info, particularly the serial #, on as many as possible
bprevolver is online now   

Glad to read from you, Jim !  ;D I visit your site every now and again, and I was a bit worried not to see any update there.
Sorry I can't help on your quest, being only into Italian replicas of Colts cap and ball revolvers (31 and 36 caliber from 1848 to 1862). :-[

Yes, great to hear from you again. It's been a long dry spell.
I have seen a few (mostly Grants) pop up on GB at ludicrous prices (way out of my tax bracket) and let them pass. I'm sure you see them too.

Captain Kirk, do you remember whether or not any of the Grants sold on GB?  I missed these.  Do you remember anything about the prices?

Dr. Davis, the one I remember for sure was one I was watching. It started off as a penny auction and ended up selling for somewhere in the $700.00 price range. This was a cased set.


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