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Long Johns Wolf:
My new toy made from 2nd gen Colt.
The objective was to replicate the Walker Conversion #137 documented in the Connecticut State Library.
#137 is an "outside" conversion assumingly in .45 Colt cal. from the 1870s applying the RM method.
The unique thing is the ejector housing. It looks like the Mason patented unit from 1871 but .... to carry, load or shoot the whole tube is turned clockwise til the key is under the barrel.
To eject you open the gate and turn the tube anti clockwise til the spring in the tube is visible.
The piece is fun to shoot with no felt recoil.
To hit POA she prefers hot loads under light bullets of 200 grains max.
Pic 1: photograph of the original. Pic 2: the "toy" in shooting mode and pic 3 ejection mode.
Long Johns Wolf

Long Johns Wolf:
Some more pics of the beast: how she started life as a C&B pistol ... ejector housing and newly fitted wedge still "in the white" ... 25 m target using 175 grainers .... finalized piece with the loading gate open.
Long Johns Wolf

Outstanding, LJW! Mighty nice target group, too!

Long Johns Wolf:
Thanks, Captainkirk. for your kind words.
Sorry for being away for a while.
I am glad to be back.
Needed some time to complete and publish two books about my favorite Belgian made C&B revolvers aka Centaures.
The first one in English (2014), the second one with updated research results and with an additional chapter in German (2015).
By the way that is not my target. That was done by the conversion artist, Karl Nedbal from Austria, during the making of the brute. I am happy when I can keep my hits within the 8 ring.
Long Johns Wolf

Can you provide us with links to the two books?


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