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Long Johns Wolf:
Belgian Centaure Regular New Model Army (RNMA) 7th variation #12306 from 1972.
Long Johns Wolf

Long Johns...
Is that stainless?!!!!

Long Johns Wolf:
Yes, Sir, it is indeed.
The Centaure RNMA 7th variation was made of stainless steel.
As opposed to their brothers of the 6th variation RNMA (pics below of #13859).
The latter variations had their high gloss polished surface heat treated as a rust protection
Long Johns Wolf

Well,  I'll be dipped!
Never seen a SS Centaure before.

Long Johns Wolf:
These 7th variation RNMAs are pretty rare.
Based on Paden's and my research we calculate that no more than 60 were made.
90 % were sold in Germany, 8 % in Europe and 2 % ended over on the Western side of the big pond.
The latter one is a "possible" 7th variation RNMA.
We assume she was liberated by a US soldier stationed in Europe during the early 1970s and then brought home to the States when his or her term was over.
Incidentally, the 6th variation RNMA's finish was dubbed back in the days "stainless look".
Guess why?
Long Johns Wolf


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