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"Stainless Look" 1860 Pattern Pistols


Long Johns Wolf:
Centaure Marshal 1st variation 1st sub-variation from 1971.
The visible screws were custom strawed by a previous owner.
All screws and the wedge left the Belgian factory blued.
Only the screw connecting lever and plunger was left "in the white" in high gloss finish Centaures.
Long Johns Wolf

Long Johns Wolf:
Another "stainless look" Centaure: RNMA 5th variation 2nd sub-variation #118xx from 1971.
This variant - without top of the barrel markings and logo - was used at the Belgian factory for the factory engraved pistols.
Back in the days also many external engravers in Europe purchased these variants to turn them into custom engraved Centaures.
Long Johns Wolf

Absolutely stunning! :o


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