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Long Johns Wolf:
Here is another Belgian Centaure: Regular New Model Army (RNMA) 4th variation 3rd sub-variation #124xx from 1972.
Regular 8" and matching S/N 5,5" barrel.
Long Johns Wolf

Are the barrels matching by serial number?!!!

Long Johns Wolf:
Yes, the S/Ns are matching, Captain.
The Belgians made such combos at the request of their German distributor HARLOS.
Because the latter smelled big opportunities for such sets on the eve of another change in the German gun legislation (restriction rather) during the 1970s.
As it turned out HARLOS highly overestimated the market demand and less than 10 such sets were eventually assembled.
Long Johns Wolf

That is amazing!
How do the Centaures compare in the used market to, say, 2nd gen Colts (price wise)?
I've seen a few on GunBroker but haven't bid on any yet.

Long Johns Wolf:
The more common Centaure variants in the USA like RNMAs 1st and 3rd variation in NIB condition seem to be in the price brackets of 3rd gens.
Rare ones like Civilians, Cavalries or factory engraved ones easily crack the early 4 $ digits.
In Europe the more common Centaure variants like RNMAs 1st and 6th variation or Marshals 1st variation are in the price brackets of 2nd gens.
One observation is worth sharing: it appears that more and more competition shooters - particularly from the dynamic fractions like CAS - are grabbing the Centaures these days before the collectors can lay their hands on them.
Why? Because they learnt the hard way of the finesses of the Centaures - harder steel, bottomed arbor, rifling groove diameter adjusted to chamber mouth dia for optimized accuracy to name just a few - compared to Italian replicas which includes the 2nd and 3rd gens.
No offence intended.
Below pics show the "winning" Centaures of "four years in a row 2012-2015" German Champion in the equivalent to the SASS's Frontiersman class. He goes by the name of Magic Joe. Yeeehaw!
Long Johns Wolf


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