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Long Johns Wolf:
Centaure Cavalry 1st variation 7,5" barrel
# 1st sub-variation: white background #490 from 1961
# 3rd sub-variation: blue background (mock-up)
Long Johns Wolf

A beautiful piece indeed!
I assume all of your Centaures are unfired?

Long Johns Wolf:
I cannot say for sure, Captainkirk,
Because they were all pre-owned. I own a few that look unturned and unfired.
Remember the factory ceased producing the Centaures in early summer 1973.
This Cavalry 1st variation 1st sub-variation with the 7,5" barrel has definitively seen some action but not by me.
Below one is a Cavalry 2nd variation 1st sub-variation.
These 2nd variation Cavalries all have 8" barrels, not a 7,5" ones like the early pistols from the early 1960s.
These later ones were made in 1971 only in two sub-variations.
The 1st sub-variations like the pictured one have their pair of 4th screws almost flush with the frame.
Paden and I doubt that they ever came with a shoulder stock.
Long Johns Wolf

Long Johns Wolf:
Another 4-screw frame Centaure of the 2nd variation. This time a 2nd sub-variation.
Compared to the 1st sub-variation These variants have the protroding 4th pair of screws and usually come with a matching shoulder stock.
Below pictured #F11103 from 1971 was liberated in April 2011 cased and with a few accessories at a German gun show.
At that time I was led to believe that this variant was sold with or without shoulder stock.
Based on the SURVEY data available back then #F11103 was the only recorded variant over here.
However, that is not the end of the story.
In December 2013 a Swiss FROCS phoned from Belgium and told me about a deal he was about to close. It  included a 2nd gen Colt Buntline and a plain Jane RNMA from 1978 together a shoulder stock #F11103.
I congratulated but did not pay any more attention to the details till i entered his data into the master SURVEY spreadsheet of the Centaure & FROCS website ... noted two S/Ns #F11103 ... and saw the light.
I advised him that he could no close the deal as is but that I would want to relieve him of the the shoulder stock.
Because a family reunion will always overrule a sale of an 3-screw RNMA and a shoulder stock with its S/N not matching the RNMA.
Which he accepted under the condition that I got him an Italian shoulder stock for his RNMA.
Of course, I complied with that request.
So, after 40 years the Cavalry pistol and the matching shoulder stock were finally united and live happily together ever since.
Long Johns Wolf

Congrats on reuniting a long-lost family!
I really admire your Centaures. I hope some day the planets will align and I will get my mitts on one!


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