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Dear menbers of the forum,
Iam the new one in this forum and my nickname is Macgloy

I need a hand of all users and owners of the Remington NEW MODEL ARMY Made in Spain.
We create also a special webside of this revolver, because I would like explore all together hanging of the Santa Barbara
I need all informations of this.
For example serialnumbers, bills, packaging

Thanks for help in the forward

Fingers McGee:
Welcome to the forum Macgloy.  I suggest you go to the 58Remington forum (  It is a lot more active than this one is and is dedicated to the New Model Army in all it's variations.

Thanks Fingers Mcgee for this advice

Long Johns Wolf:
Excellent idea, Macgloy.
I am glad to learn that somebody is accepting the task and researching these underrated quality Remmies from the 1970s.
Like the Belgian Centaures they come without the ugly BLACK POWDER ONLY on the barrel!
I hope Dr. Jim Davis from RPRCA will chime in soon. He is THE MAN and very deep into the subject.
I wish you luck with your research project.
Long Johns Wolf

Hi Long Johns Wolf,

we will see the results of the questions!


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