Author Topic: More on Witloe Remington Revolvers  (Read 1511 times)

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More on Witloe Remington Revolvers
« on: July 04, 2016, 04:16:01 AM »
Thanks to Dan Mentzer at Horst Auction House I was able to acquire Witloe Lee #5. This was the first Witloe with a serial number lower than #500. Since there are no records available it has been assumed that serial numbers started at #500 since these are the only numbers that have shown up in 20 years of collecting and researching. There are currently 45 revolvers on the registry list, all with #500 thru #624 for 1st Generation revolvers and #700 thru #735 for 2nd Generation Revolvers. It appears that all 2nd Generation revolvers are steel framed with the exception of #700 (Lane's prototype) which has a Bronze frame with target sights. Other Bronze frames in 2nd Gen are numbered with a "B" prefix, none of these with target sights. There are also three revolvers discovered that are "Sample" models and ae so stamped on the butt. Two rough castings, one Lee & one Grant, have also been discovered.

I also was able to win Lee Model #510, NIB, at a Rock Island Auction Last weekend. I am still looking for a Lee Model with a 6" barrel and a Grant Model. Contact me if you run across either of these.