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A LeMat for under $650


Fingers McGee:
A bunch of years ago, I had a LeMat cavalry model.  I shot it a few times & found it was fun to shoot 9 rounds from the cylinder & 1 shot load from the arbor/barrel.  I ended up selling it (for more than I paid) because I wanted something else and the LeMat was just gathering dust.  Sometime after I sold the LeMat, I became a "Collector", of mostly NIB replica revolvers, hanging on to whatever I bought regardless of whether tey'd ever be 'used'. 

I've been trying to replace that LeMat for a few years now.  Only problem is, the price of even a used LeMat has skyrocketed.  You can't find one on GunBroker for less than a $900 starting bid and most are over $1000.  That is till recently.  I managed to snag one off of GunBroker for $606.  It arrived on Saturday.  Took some time today to take it apart & clean it.  Cannot get the side plate screw loose.  It'll have to soak in Kroil for a few days.  Rest of disassembly went smooth.  It had a fine sheen of rust on all the parts that came clean with some RB17 and Balistol.  It had supposedly been fired; but you couldn't tell it.  Box is near perfect & all he papers came with it.  Since there was some Dixie Gun Works papers in it; I'm supposing they were the retailer that  sold it.  In checking it out, it was almost impossible to cock the hammer with one hand, took two hands and you had to pull it back quickly to get the sear to engage.  I think the bolt is sticking or damaged because the cylinder does not lock at full cock and slips a little when you let the hammer down.  Of course, I cannot do a thing till I can get the side plate off.  Once I get it 'tuned up' we'll do a range report.

I've got a complete CSA Replica set now.

Here are a couple pictures of it.


Any luck with the LeMat?

Fingers McGee:
Finally got it apart after soaking in kroil for a few days.  insides were a little on the rusty side - surface rust from being in a box for ever.  Bolt was not releasing when cocking.  Turns out the spring tension on the bolt is adjustable.  Once I got that figured out, deburred the hand and cleaned everything up it still didn't want to go to full cock.  Main spring tension and a hand that is still too long are to blame.  Spring in it is HEAVY.  did some grinding on it; but still too stiff.  I need to take it apart again and shorten the hand.  It wants to over rotate; but the bolt is preventing it. & it won't full cock easily.

I had cataract surgery last month and haven't been released by the Doc yet so shooting is still not approved.

I'll get to it & try it out presently.


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