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Fingers McGee:
A while back I posted a photo of Confederate revolvers that did not include all models - cause I didn't have them all.  Now I do.  Here are the handguns used by the Confederacy that have had reproductions made:

Counter Clockwise from the top:
Griswold and Gunnison sheriffs model ( Uberti)
Tucker & Sherrard (Uberti)
Spiller & Burr (Pietta
Schneider & Glassick(Pietta)
Leech and Rigdon (Uberti)
Rigdon & Ansley Augusta (Uberti)
Navy LeMat (Pietta)
Griswold & Gunnison
J.H. Dance (Pietta)

Leech & Rigdon Sheriffs model (Pietta)

The Tucker & Sherrard, LeMat, and J.H.Dance are .44 caliber.  All others are .36

Great photo Fingers.    Congratulations on completing the set.

Fingers McGee:
Thanks Mike

Very nice!

Great job displaying them


That's a pretty awesome family photo, Fingers! Great find on that Tucker and Sherrard.


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