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Pietta Fantasy 1851 Navy Dragoon .36


There ought to be section on this board for mix-and-match "fantasy" pistols. They are, after all, created from repros, no machining needed.

I have a favorite and Colt should have created this one early on.

I started with a Pietta 1851 Navy .36 (manufacture date [CM] 2014, the last year of the "tail" pistols to more approximate a Dragoon), replaced the round TG with a squareback TG (from VTI back in the day when one could still procure them), and added a smooth cylinder and part octagon/part round barrel from the Pietta G&G. It is nothing more than a Leech and Rigdon with a SB TG.

The Small Dragoon:

If Pietta was smart they would offer an "a-la-carte" menu for various pistols through their distributors like Taylor's. Just pick the configuration/parts you want, order it, pay a premium for assembly, wait for a while to have it come through customs, and it will be yours from the factory. With their CNC machining, it is just a matter of assembly and parts in stock.

If I can do it at home with a few pistols, it would be a piece of cake for Pietta and they could realize $$$.

I don't mind the Pietta billboards, and I am not a fan of defarbing.

Just my &.02 worth.


Looks really good, Jim. I will give your suggestion some thought.


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