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Original powder flask


mazo kid:
Several years ago, friends of a cousin stopped in for a visit. He knew my interest in old timey things and brought this powder flask to show me. Years ago he was building a new house on the Rock River in So. Wis.; an old hollow tree needed to be removed. When it was cut down, it split open at a junction of a couple of big branches. This horn was inside!

Obviously, the thong is new.

mazo kid:
This was made by a soldier stationed at a small Fort.

mazo kid:
There are pictures of everyday Fort activities...guard post, marching in formation, fences, Palmetto trees, a ship, deer, etc.

mazo kid:
Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the small Fort.

mazo kid:
Oh, I tried to get that horn from him! I really tried, but there was no way he was going to let it go. He later told me that there had been a musket in the tree, but it was severely damaged by the chain saws (and I suppose the other way around!) and a worker threw it in the dumpster. I could have cried! _?/ _?/


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