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There is a financial crisis that involves and

I have a financial crisis that will not be resolved until October 31, which is the date of my next substantial income. Until then, my highest priority is providing the necessary essentials for my family, which is challenging enough. I do not foresee sufficient income for this, much less being able to resolve the added financial requirements of maintaining and operating our online presence.

I am a state employee working at our local high school. We are shutdown for the summer without any income and our money is rapidly running out. I usually make ends meet by doing various jobs, but I am  under doctor’s orders to take it easy for now.

Since internet access is not the highest priority, I may have to let our home internet service go. So I will not be online often, but will stop in as often as possible to ensure this forum and its sister forums are operational online without any issues.

If anyone is led to do so, please help with our forum hosting costs, Please do not act out of a sense of obligation. Nothing is expected of anyone.

I assume the donation link on the home page is operational.

Here is a personal PayPal link

Snail mail address:

Tim Lewis
PO Box 3832
Lumberton, NC 28359

Thank you,
Smokey owner, webmaster and domain administrator

Much gratitude to the ones who have helped.

I am working to insure that this type of thing will not happen again.

The objective was to meet the immediate need. This has been surpassed.

Any surplus will be used to help purchase yearly hosting, so this will not happen again.

And if there is extra money left, it can be used to purchase ssl certificates, which will increase forum security.

I would like to thank those of you who responded to my request for financial help with operational costs during a time of personal hardship.

Nothing is expected or required as a member of this forum, yet you are one of a small number who came forward and contributed toward the cause. You can rest assured that your contribution helped keep the forum going at a time when I could not. I am deeply appreciative of you.

I have contacted those who I know by name and those I could find  email addresses on within the PayPal contact information.

Yet there are a few that I could not identify. When I have access to a computer online, I will try again to retrieve contact email addresses in PayPal. At this time, my internet access is limited to a phone.

Whether I have been able to contact you or not, I do want to acknowledge and thank you.

Thanks again,
AKA - Smokey


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