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COM Navy Colt
« on: July 14, 2020, 01:24:40 PM »
I have a Colt Navy replica that I purchased new in the mid-(19)eighties that has DGG markings (Armi San Paolo) on the bottom barrel flat, stamped EXCAM on the barrel lug near the wedge, and COM on one of the barrel flats. The wood grain on the grips id unusual and interesting; one of the things that caught my eye. Originally the action was horrible and needed some is much improved now. Here is what Dr. Jim Davis had to say about this one when I inquired about it...

Hello Captainkirk,
The COM or C.O.M. marking on revolvers I have observed has only been on the barrel and mostly without any other marking except an importer marking.  Since this marking in only on barrels I am inclined to think that these were contract barrels from, maybe, several shops.  Regardless, they are an early marking, usually on cheaper made revolvers and far more rare than Pietta.  Value at this time would be only a guess considering whether it was to be a shooter or a collectable.

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