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Long Johns Wolf:
Found below pic of a Colt 1860 Army transformed into a Long Cylinder Conversion with 4" barrel which spoke to me "You need one like this"!
And there was this fluted cylinder 1973 production Centaure I liberated a few years back for a conversion project
There it is - left side view - and in the hands of the Austrian artist who did the fantastic job.
Long Johns Wolf

Long Johns Wolf, that is a fantastic conversion! And on a Centaure no less! Beautiful workmanship.

I have a question. How does the firing pin work on the long cylinder conversion? It looks like the hammer is the same or close to the same as a cap and ball pistol. Is the firing pin in the frame? I'd love to see a picture.

Thank you for posting!

Long Johns Wolf:
Originals were made allegedly in Mexico from Colt parts after the Civil War 'til some time in the 1870s.
The first LCCs were chambered for the .44 Henry RF. Some of these earlly LCCs were later converted a 2nd time once CF cartridges were available
Later ones were directly chambered for the .44 Colt CF.
The original OVERLAND STAGE L. conversion started life as a centerfire LCC with 4" barrel without rear sight.
A friend of mine and I decided to have two made from a Centaure RNMA 6th var. 2nd subvar. by this Austrian conversion artist and master gunsmith.
Since we wanted the LCCs for CAS we kept the original rear sight on the bobbed hammer.
First pic shows another pic of the original, the 2nd one the first targets of the pair fired at 10 yards, the 3rd one the replication of the original butt strap marking.
Long Johns Wolf

Long Johns Wolf:
Views of the bobbed Centaure hammer with the rear sight kept on top and the new conically shaped center fire firing pin, the guiding hole Ifor the firing pin n the newly installed backplate.
Note there is no loading gate (needed) in the recoil shield.
Technically, the original LCCs share many features with the Colt 1971/72 Open Top without the latter's finesses.
Long Johns Wolf

Thank you for the pictures and the clarification LJW.


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