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New Variation was found Marshal 2/ 2


I updated the Centaure Revolver page  ;D
and you can find it here at the moment. Sadly only in German %!-
There is a new variation of the Marshal, see and enjoy Marshal 2.Variation, 2. Subvariation ^")
Gloyer MacGloy FROCS # 158

Long Johns Wolf:
Here are a few pics of this newly discovered Centaure Marshal 2nd variation 2nd sub-variation:
5,5" barrel and 4-screw frame like the previous recorded 2nd variation Marshals (now called Marshals 2nd variation 1st sub-variation).
Whereas all other Marshals incl. the 2nd variation 1st sub-variation have the stainless look finish - high gloss polish/heat treated surface - the 2nd variaiton 2nd sub-variation is blued/case colors.
The #F11553 presented here has lost the front sight some time ago.
NB: All the 5 digits F-prefix Centaures have the F added to the serial number on the barrel lug only.
Long Johns Wolf


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