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As some of you may know, I acquired a rare Uberti Navy in stainless steel, with the help of our very own Fingers McGee. Well today the pistol arrived!

My first impression of this gun is amazement. I don't think a finer Colt clone has ever been made. I'm here to tell you, fit and finish on this thing is nothing short of spectacular. No gaps. No transition from one part to the next. Even where the grip wood meets the frame is seamless. There's no step like on other guns. Uberti really paid attention when they built these. I don't know about the arbor length. I haven't got the far yet. I'm sure it's probably short like all the rest. But everything else is awesome.

Without further adieux, here's a few preliminary pictures.

The gun has definitely been fired, but not a lot. Tomorrow I'll clean and oil it really good.

AM is 1984. I hope you don't need any parts. I am still jealous. Very good find, sir!


Yessir, 1984.

You know, I never thought about parts! I bet they're unobtanium!

Fingers McGee:
Push come to shove, Uberti parts would work, After all, that's what it is.

Checked the magnetic properties of my four SS Models.  All four have magnetic barrels, hammers, wedges and screws.  Magnet will not stick to frames, backstrap, trigger guards or cylinders.

In all reality, this gun will see little if any use. So parts breakage isn't really much of an issue.

My gun has the exact same magnetic properties as yours.


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