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2nd Gens for sale


Fingers McGee:
Just in case you are interested, here are some 2nd gens for sale - not mine; but I can connect you to the owner.

Walker cased set $1150
1st model Dragoon cased set $1000
2nd model Dragoon cased set $1000
3rd model Dragoon C series cased set $1300
3rd model Dragoon F series no box $775
1860 Full fluted Army cased set $800
1861 Pocket Navy cased set $825
48 Baby Dragoon in original box
51 Navy C series in original box
51 Navy F series cased set
60 Army fluted unfired but handled no box
61 Navy cased set
62 Pocket Police cased set

Those are some nice pieces Fingers.

Fingers McGee:
These are not mine - although I'd like a couple if there was money in the bank.  They belong to a friend of a fried who has some medical bills that need to be taken care of.

Is the Walker cased set available still? If so any pictures?


Fingers McGee:
As far as I know it is still available. 


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