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'Confederate Cousins' in danger?


Due to the rampant stupidity that appears to be ravaging our great country like a rabid dog (we all know how to handle a rabid dog, right?) one wonders the fate of the collectible sets and reproduction black powder firearms that were used/developed by the South...are the replica companies going to be forced to suspend or eliminate production of those models that "glorify" the Confederacy? ^j)
If you were thinking about starting a collection of some of those firearms, now might be a good time to take stock of your future wants (e.g. the LeMat) and plan accordingly.

They're all running around like scared little chickens. Afraid of the "woke" mob shutting them down.


And then there's the modern Heritage Arms Rough Rider .22 with Union and Confederate grips for  $160. Was becoming very popular. But now may fade away soon.

The Cimmaron Leech and Rigdon with battle flag grips (is much cheaper bought from other sites instead of direct from Cimmaron).

And other pistols with rebel icon grips.


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