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The Official Black Powder Revolver Collector Forum Photo Contest!!

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Official Photo Submission Thread

We're going to put a photo of a collector revolver, at the top if the home page. It will be the first thing people see when they arrive here at our forum. But we want the photo to be one from the membership.

So get out your collector BP pistols and take some pictures!

Post the photo here, and after a period of time, we'll all vote for our favorite. The winner will be displayed on the home page.

So, let's see those pistols everyone!!

Well, here's my submission...EIG Baby Dragoon. No date codes or manufacturer's marks...may have been a kit gun? Dr. Jim Davis was intrigued by the fact that it came with a loading lever and the fact that the roll engraving on the cylinder is not the standard Ormsby stagecoach scene. Somebody (P.O.) deepened the notch in the hammer and added a taller front sight.

Here is what the late Dr. Davis had to say regarding this revolver:

--- Quote from: drjldavis on June 20, 2011, 01:51:29 PM ---I would consider this Baby Dragoon a very collectable piece.  It is the first EIG marked Baby Dragoon that I have seen in over twenty years of study and collecting.  I have a EIG marked Pocket Model but no Baby Dragoons.  Also my Pocket Model has the standard Ormby's Stagecoach Scene engraving on the cylinder.

--- End quote ---


Beginning as of this very moment in the space/time continuum until midnight on July 31st, 2020, you may begin posting your entry for the 2020 banner photo picture contest. Winner will have their photo bracing the header of the Collector's Forum home page for the remainder of the year and will be determined by general membership vote the week of September 1st, 2020. A reminder email will be sent out prior to the vote.
Rules are as follows:

1) ONE (1) entry per make it a good one!

2) Entry photo MUST contain a  black powder percussion revolver (preferably) or conversion.  Open top Colts are welcome.
This naturally includes replicas, not limited to original  revolvers!!!

3) Cased sets are welcome but not necessary.

4) This is the newbie's first view...and impression...of our forum. Make it a good photo!

5) Though not required, I would prefer this to be a NEW photo taken solely for the purpose of this contest. Your entry MUST be one of YOUR firearms, not something lifted from the web or a buddy's gun, etc.

Good luck, and may the best pic win!

The Black Powder Revolver Collector's Forum Team.

Here's my submission.

My somewhat rare, Uberti Stainless 1851 Navy. It dates to 1984, and so far it is only the 37th one accounted for.

My submission.

Cased set Armi San Marco 1860 Army (BD/1994) with full-fluted (Uberti) and engraved (ASM) cylinders. Shoulder stock is of unknown manufacture: wood is tiger stripe maple stained dark. Euroarms ball/conical bullet mould and powder flask. Case, shoulder stock, and accoutrements were once part of Dr. Jim L. Davis' RPRCA collection.


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