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A couple Piettas


Fingers McGee:
This double pistol set is made up of components collected over the past 29 years.  The bullet mold and one of the Armies came from a single Army cased set purchased as a Christmas present to myself in 1991 from Cabelas Christmas catalog. The complete set was $240.00, It was one of IIRC 5 different cased set models they catalogued that year.  In July of 2001 I picked up one of their sets that was a double pistol set consisting of a 3rd model Dragoon and an 1849 Pocket Model with matching serial numbers.  Sold that set in 2006.  Wish I had it back.  October Country has similar set for sale; but not matching Serial numbers and the nipple wrench is missing.  I can't remember where or when I got the double pistol case.  It's not a 2nd Gen.  Same with the nickel plated flask.  The second Army I bought off of GunBroker along with a shoulder stock in 2006.  I sold the shoulder stock for $160.00.  The Armies were used off and on in SASS competition for a few years until the frame pins sheared off on one of them during a match.  I didn't get around to fixing the pistol until a couple years ago, and it still hasn't been test fired.  These were one pair of the 10 or so pairs of guns I've used in SASS competition.  I probably would have won more matches if I'd have stuck to one pair.

So now, without further ado,  Here is the set:

That's a gorgeous set Fingers. I really like the ivory type grips on those Armies.

I love everything except the stark white fake ivories. Sorry, but that is a complete turn-off to me.

Put some nicely figured wood on those or real ivory and it would be absolutely fantastic.


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