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Announcement-seeking Spiller & Burr owner(s)


Any of you Collector's Forum members own a Spiller & Burr replica? We are looking for an example to post information and pictures of on this forum, The Black Powder Revolver Collector's Forum. It need not be an original or pristine, any repro will do. Contact myself or Shotgun Dave if you have one.

Fingers McGee:
Sorry, I don't have one anymore


--- Quote from: AntiqueSledMan on July 13, 2020, 06:27:36 PM ---If you guys want full size photo's, let me know.

--- End quote ---

Yes! Please! And could you post them HERE:,38.0.html

...along with any and all pertinent information about the S&B you might have?

mazo kid:
I just posted my S&B.


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