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Hello, all!


Powder Burns:
Hello all! Looks like a terrific forum you have here! Looking forward to doing lots of reading and learning on my favorite topic; Civil War percussion revolvers. Been lurking a while and I'm really impressed by some of the rare and unique examples here! Thanx for letting me join!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome Powder Burns!

Glad to have you aboard!

mazo kid:
Welcome from Wisconsin!

Welcome from the Left Coast of Washington State! If you have anything to enrich our forum, no matter how small, we will enjoy such things.

Give it a go! We entertain all revolver collector information. Do not think of yourself as a newbie here. If you have any info and photos, please post them. Eye candy is a big deal here. If you have any old or newer BP revolvers and can post photos of such, we will all learn from you and others that do so. That is what this forum is all about. We are collectors and that is what the impetus of this forum/board is all about.

Looking forward to your future posts.




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